Why Possip Exists

Possip exists because we believe in the power of regular, authentic parent feedback in making schools great.


1). Schools and parents should be partners in making schools great.
Yet fewer than 60% of parents are currently very happy with their kids’ schools.


2). Parents can be a school’s greatest asset.
Yet school leaders and staff are too strapped for time to maximize parent engagement. Only 1% of a school leader’s time is spent on parent engagement.


3). School staff and teachers need and deserve praise that parents can provide.
Yet 40% of teachers leave the profession in the first 5 years citing poor working conditions as a reason; 80% of feedback parents provide through Possip is positive.


4). Simple technology, well-used, and experienced educators come together to help schools make parents one of their greatest assets.


5). Parents, school administrators, and teachers are a powerful unit that can make schools great for all kids.


Possip leaders have experience founding schools, recruiting and supporting teachers and school leaders, and working alongside schools and families as parents or school staff.

These diverse experiences have shown us the need and power of Possip.