Educator gifts
Educator gifts

Cyber Monday is full of great educator gifts this year! As a former teacher and school principal, I noticed that the yearly classroom item budget requests from teachers were very similar year after year. The Possip team has put together a list of the top 10 educator gifts on Cyber Monday so you can send some appreciation to your school building! 

The most important thing to think about is – what does my kid’s teacher or the educators in their building want or need.  If you don’t already have one of these, this can help make getting educator gifts even easier. Some PTOs do a beginning of the year survey of teachers and use that knowledge to get teachers things they love.  Here is one you can use here: Teacher and Staff Favorite Things Survey

Looking for even more ideas this Cyber Monday? Here they are:

1. Classroom Basic Student School Supplies:

In any classroom, teachers can always use more supplies for students. These are helpful with any class project or creative note-taking strategy a teacher wants to use. In my experience, here are some things at the top of the list for educator gifts:

2. Stationary/Cards:

Teachers and principals use stationary and cards often to show appreciation or send a little “pick-me-up” to other staff members, students, or parents. Here are some good Cyber Monday deals on inspirational notes that make great educator gifts: 

3. Coffee, Food & Beverage:

Most teachers are in the school building much earlier than when the school doors open. Coffee is a staple for most educators and helps them get through that early morning wake-up time. Here is a great addition to any teacher’s classroom that saves them time and provides some needed energy: 

Of course, gift cards to teacher’s favorite restaurants are also welcome!  This is also a great way to patronize a small business in your community that you love.  Buy gift cards to the small business!

Some parents have offered that maybe their kids’ teacher may deserve something a little…ahem…stronger… for working with their child all day.  Most schools have a policy, understandably, where alcohol can’t be on the premises. If you want to honor a teacher in that way, you’ll want to avoid giving them that gift on school premises.

4. Teachers Pay Teachers:

Teachers Pay Teachers, an online resource hub, is a frequently used website for educators. In fact, many teachers have their favorite “shops” that are run by other teachers. Buying a gift card for this site would be of extremely high value for teachers. The Cyber Monday deals last until tomorrow, so you could send a gift card today and the teacher could still get the Cyber Monday discounts!

5. Teacher Electronics:

These items were always sought after for teachers during the year. Either of these would be useful and desired educator gifts!

6. Gift cards:

Educators don’t exactly have the highest salary, so gift cards were always a huge help to teachers. Any gift card was appreciated, especially for food/restaurants!

7. Classroom Furniture:

All teachers want their classroom to feel safe and welcoming. Classroom furniture and organization systems are a way teachers make this happen. There are always so many items (books, binders, notebooks, etc.) that need to be neatly stored, but furniture can be expensive and not always supplied in full by the school. Here are some ideas of helpful classroom furniture teachers tend to ask for: 

8. Office Supplies:

I think everyone can agree that office/desk supplies seem to disappear too easily. In a school, it seems to be even more likely that precious teacher supplies will go missing between class periods. Here are items on the “top educator gifts” list every year: 

Paper can be a hot topic for teachers. Some schools have printer/paper quotas that teachers only have a certain amount of paper. Other schools only have white paper but teachers want to use colored paper for special projects or reference sheets. Ask your school if this paper limit pertains to them. If so, here are two great Cyber Monday deals on paper that make great educator gifts: 

9. Education Subscriptions as Educator Gifts:

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development is a professional learning community for educators. On Cyber Monday, ASCD is giving 33% off all teacher books, DVDs, and professional development courses. This is a great educator gift for both teachers and principals who are driven to get better and love to learn. 

10. The Gift of Gratitude and Praise

When we asked a number of teachers about their favorite gifts, something that a kid made or that was special was what they treasured most.  We know thank you is always insufficient to articulate your gratitude for the staff who spend their days making sure your kid is safe, learning, and happy.  But trying to write thanks can definitely go a long way.

We hope these Cyber Monday gift ideas will help spread some joy to you school campus!

Happy shopping!