The Best Possip Plan to Engage Your Families

Possip gives schools an easy, consistent way to engage and hear from parents.  We know schools have competing demands, pressures, and priorities.  That’s why Possip offers plans just right for every school’s engagement goals – regardless of budget.
Below are estimations for Possip’s pricing for individual schools with fewer than 600 students.

Possip a la carte:  

This  plan is best for schools who  want to engage and find out what parents think, but have a limited budget.  With this plan you get one pulse check survey for $350.  This includes the multilingual text, a bonus question, a report, and your school’s parent data cleaned up and in our system.  After the first Possip text you can schedule additional Possip pulse check surveys with at least 5 business days of notice for $250. Email to get started!

Quarterly Possip:  

This Possip plan is best for schools who know their budget, want to invest in hearing from and engaging parents regularly but may have a budget that doesn’t allow for frequent parent outreach.  This plan allows schools to reach out to parents for feedback 4 times a year. Email to get started!

Monthly Possip:  

This Possip plan is best for schools who have parent engagement as a key priority – and want to engage parents regularly.  Email to get started!

Weekly Possip:  

This Possip plan is the best plan for schools who are aiming to build ongoing trust, constant feedback loops, and engaged parent partnerships.  This gives every parent a weekly opportunity to share feedback, provides you access to the Possip community of like-minded schools, provides quarterly trend reports, and keeps you connected on the pulse of parents in your school and around the country.  Email to get started!


Do you represent a district or a network of schools?  This plan is best for districts and networks that want to create a strong culture of engaged parents and communities.  Email us!  We’d love to work together on the best plan for you.  You can email us at