What If the Principal Rode the Bus?

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What if the principal rode the bus? During my third year of teaching, I got an email with a sign up sheet for all the different bus routes during the first few weeks of the school year. It was a b ...

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How to Increase Parent’s Engagement in Student’s Success with Digital Technology

Engaging and maintaining parent engagement isn’t easy. Yet parents play a significant role in the academic success of their children so engagement can’t be ignored. Multiple studies show big gaps ...

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Parent Engagement 101: Getting Started on Your Parent Engagement Plans

Educators know that students do better if parents are involved. They get higher grades, learn at a faster rate, and have better attendance.   However, there are still many barriers that decre ...

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Buses and Cars, Oh My!

This post is updated from its original post in December, 2018. As many of our Possip schools in the South finish up their first week of school - car lines and buses are top of mind for schools and ...

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6 Parent Engagement Measures – That Aren’t Meetings

Schools want to measure how engaged and involved their parents are.  They should! Parent engagement is a key lever for a great school. Yet parent engagement often gets reduced to a single measur ...

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