6 Parent Engagement Measures – That Aren’t Meetings

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Schools want to measure how engaged and involved their parents are.  They should! Parent engagement is a key lever for a great school. Yet parent engagement often gets reduced to a single measure: PT ...


The Gift of Feedback

contributor Nicholas "Knick" Dixon is a public school administrator, anti-racism advocate, and feedback junky based in Greensboro, NC. Billionaire businessman and philanthropist, Warren Buffet ...

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Summer Slide: Worry? Or Nah…

Summer slide.  Is it a real thing? Research is mixed. A University of Texas professor says it may not be as much of a problem as schools think. Some parents say even if it is a real thing, m ...

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Win at parent engagement

When Possip first started we heard with skepticism "do principals really want to know what parents think  Do they really want parent engagement?" And the short answer is - not all and no ...

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3 Reasons Parents Should Give Schools Grace in April

Parents - schools need grace in the Spring. Before we go on, some fun praise we saw in this week's Possip. Praise like that from these Tennessee parents, "My son can't read good and he has ...

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