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Getting Parents onto Campus – or Engaged if Not

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Parents on campus

Schools often want to get parents onto campus and engaged.   Yet there are barriers.   In this 15 minute power session, former principal Amanda Richards shares some quick tips fo ...

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6 Tips for Teacher Parent Communication: Principal’s Corner

Last week we shared part 1 of our series on teacher parent communication. You can find it here: We know that parents and tea ...

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Teacher Parent Communication: Principal’s Corner

How To Improve Teacher Parent Communication Teacher parent communication. Parents sometimes say “I want better communication with my child’s teacher.”  What does that mean?  And is it really ...

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Teacher Vacancies Mid-Year: Principal’s Corner

Mid-year teacher vacancies is tough!  The teachers I worked with knew that choosing to leave mid-year was not an option in my mind. Studies show that students who have a teacher leave mid-year lose a ...

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How Vulnerability Can Be The Key To Getting Parents Engaged (Part Two)

Natalie is a 2nd grade teacher in one of Possip’s partner schools. Recently, she talked with our team about parent engagement, and how she got over her fear of being vulnerable with her students’ ...

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