3 Reasons Parents Should Give Schools Grace in April

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Parents - schools need grace in the Spring. Before we go on, some fun praise we saw in this week's Possip. Praise like that from these Tennessee parents, "My son can't read good and he has ...


Top Ten Testing Tips For Parents & Schools

Tis the season for testing! Kids aren't the only ones who need to prepare for testing! Here are top tips for both parents and schools. Our Possip school network lets us see some great tips - ...

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Schools, Parents & Marriage: A Valentine’s Season Message

We couldn't resist.  It's Valentine's season.  Cupid shot his arrow at us :-). So we thought this was the right time to explore what we can learn about successful marriages to apply to ...

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Chronic Absenteeism & Parents: 4 Things to Know

Chronic absenteeism and attendance is a big deal these days.  In fact, over 60% of states have some measure of attendance included in their ESSA standards.  What does that mean plainly?&nbs ...

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7 Notes of Inspiration Educators Can Borrow from Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we commemorate Martin Luther King's birthday and enter Black History Month, it is timely to consider what lessons we can learn from Martin Luther King and apply to schools and school leadership.  ...

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