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Hypepotamus: Edtech startup Possip takes both prizes and $60K at 36|86 Pitch Competition
Muriel Vega, September 2, 2019
After competing against eight startups, edtech company Possip took both the $10,000 crowd favorite award and the main prize of $50,000 at the 36|86 Entrepreneur Festival Pitch Competition last week.

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74 Million: 
Possip Text-Messaging Service Enables Easy Two-Way Communications Between Families and Schools

Tim Newcombe, February 12, 2019

Using the simple texting platform, schools can hear from more parents in one month than in a typical year, Dowell says — and the format invites parents to give the full story behind their answers. “You get information quickly, you get a lot of information in a little bit of time, and you don’t have issues that sit and fester,” she says. “School principals really love that it feels actionable. When a principal gets a response, here is a parent you can follow up with.”

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Venture Nashville: Edtech startup Possip Inc. offers 2-way feedback glue for parents, schools

Milt Capps, December 19, 2018

Dowell said she believes that Possip can be a “transformative” technology in those and other schools in which parents have, for whatever reason, under-participated in providing vital feedback on the experience they and their children have in pursuing education.

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Afrotech: Possip wants to simplify how parents give schools feedback

Jenna Chambers, December 6, 2018

Shani Dowell conceived an idea that would transform the way parents communicate with administrators at their child’s school by asking a simple question: What if someone made it simple for parents to give feedback?

Parents already talk about issues, give praise, voice frustration, and comment on ways they might improve their child’s education. However, when these conversations take place among themselves, the feedback often doesn’t reach school administrators.

Education Dive: Texting tool gives schools a platform to get parent feedback

Linda Jacobson @lrj417  October 17, 2018

Whether it’s parent-teacher conference time, a grading issue or a new school policy, word tends to get around among the families at a school. But administrators might not always hear what parents have to say — both positive and negative.

That’s the communication gap that a new online tool called “Possip” — short for positive gossip — is trying to address. The platform allows principals to send out weekly requests for feedback, just a short survey in the form of a text message.

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Hypepotamus: Possip Brings Positive Parental Gossip to Educators to Improve Schools

Muriel Vega, October 11, 2018

“We’ve never encountered a school that says that they don’t need a solution like this. There’s a clear sense of we need a better way to engage parents and to hear from parents”

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