Director, Operations & Implementation


Possip is making schools great through parents. We believe every school can have simplified systems for hearing from parents.  We also believe that race, language, and socioeconomic diversity should not be a barrier to communication between parents and schools.

We are tech-enabled and people-centered.  We use elegant technological solutions to simplify school & parent engagement and relationships.

We are looking for a Director of Operations who will lead the operations and systems that will help Possip meet our vision, and do so in the highest impact, most effective, efficient, and sustainable way.  

You will work across Possip’s product workstreams – from partner sales and outreach to ongoing partner service and implementation; from technology to content and communications – and Possip’s operational work streams – talent acquisition and management, finance, compliance and risk mitigation.  

You actually don’t need us to say more – because you can take a big picture vision and translate it to strategies, priorities, and actions – but we want to share more anyway!

You love the details and routines – and you know how to have a good time doing so.  You know how to not only create and respond to the details and routines, but you know how to move people alongside them.


-Understand every component of Possip’s vision, operations, measures of success, goals and needs; and develop operational plans and processes to match and meet our needs

-Serve as a member of the leadership team that will make key decisions, specifically considering operational implications and needs

-Work to develop and implement processes for onboarding large enterprise clients for Possip

-Develop and implement systems of management across Possip’s diverse work areas, specifically focused on: sales and outreach; technical development; school and district onboarding and service; finance and legal; marketing and communications; talent acquisition

-See around corners to identify future risks, opportunities and needs

-Oversee procurement processes and coordinate material and resources

-Overseeing all of Possip’s outgoing and incoming contracts

-Working with Possip’s accounting partners to make sure that invoices, financial statements, and planning are secured

-Partner with the CEO to support prospective and current investor relationships and terms


-10-15 years of experience in Operations or related areas

-Experience with diverse business functions including sales and/or recruitment, finance, nonprofit and/or public-sector organization, communications, program management

-Comfort setting, and being held to, ambitious goals

-Experience working in diverse software platforms

-Comfort navigating conversations and paths without a script or pre-existing plan

-Experience – and comfort with – reading long contracts and policies and translating them to insights and action

-Navigating procurement processes with local, state and federal entities

-Experience working with diverse stakeholders and constituencies across racial, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds

-Bachelors or Masters preferred or comparable work experience


Possip was founded in January of 2017  to help schools make parents their greatest asset using real-time feedback.  Possip does this by collecting weekly feedback from parents and providing schools with recurring weekly reports.  We have almost 30,000 parents across almost 100 schools.

Possip is growing to serve even more school partners and families.  We are building a team to help us grow, meet the needs of our school partners and their parents, and build a sustaining organization that is sound financially, culturally and operationally.

You want meaningful work where you will learn, grow, and challenge the status quo while being kind, practical, relational, and strategic.  You are the rare person who can hold two competing ideas in your head at the same time. You love people as much as you love data. You learn quickly, are curious, and love to chase and attain big, seemingly unrealistic goals.  You are comfortable in ambiguity — but work to create structure and sense out of it. You are inspired to persevere and overcome rejection – for the right cause or idea. You can organize, plan, relate, and create. You are ready to do what needs to be done to meet the goal, whether mundane tasks or projects for which you don’t feel qualified.

Most importantly you believe each person, inclusive of every socioeconomic status, racial or ethnic identity, and educational experience, has value and deserves to have their voice shared in a productive way.  You believe in the power and potential of schools – and see yourself as a supporter of the leaders and educators who work within them. Because of this belief you will drive the work of Possip forward.

You will join a small start-up team working to grow a service and platform that will simplify and enable parent to school feedback loops across a diversity of parents and schools. You must care about integrating parent perspective into schools, and about helping schools learn and grow.  You should be able to successfully navigate diverse communities, constituencies and contexts.