Data Research Project

May 2019
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POSSIP SUMMARY The human brain is hardwired for gossip. Gossip has allowed humans to survive and thrive. Possip believes there is positive potential in gossip – when it is harnessed and delivered to the people who need it most.

Possip gets feedback and information for organizations from those at the front lines with important information who, due to social, logistical and cultural barriers, are hardest to hear from.

Possip’s first product, the Parent Pulse Check – gets feedback for schools from parents through weekly, multilingual text-message based pulse check surveys. In less than 1 minute parents respond to a weekly text-message prompt, and in less than 24 business hours schools get curated, actionable reports.

This simplified feedback loop gets schools information from the diverse parents they need to hear from, quickly.

PART TIME OPPORTUNITY: Independent contract for work to be completed by August 1st, 2019 of approximately 110 hours for a total compensation of $5,000.

We are looking for someone who can:

● Analyze the data from over 60 weeks of pulse checks and over 35,000 parents across the last two years and develop key conclusions using statistical analysis tools.

● Incorporate publicly available data on schools to provide insights into how Possip data correlates with school results.

● Incorporate available data and tools to strengthen the information about Possip’s schools and parents.

● Develop a long-term plan for how Possip can organize, store, and use data.

The end deliverables will be a research white paper with the results of the aforementioned analysis and a long-term plan for Possip’s data structure.

We are looking for you if: You have a love for data. Your passion for digging into the details and organizing vast amounts of information into big picture insights. You like to write and share results and conclusions. You have experience in building systems to organize large data sets and have done deep analysis that led you to determine issues and prescribe solutions.

You can see the stories, communities and people within numbers and analyze data to pull out quantitative truths and qualitative insights. You can analyze data given whatever tools you have – from a Calculator to Excel to Tableau to new tools that you might one day create.

You have a high sense of ownership and are able to drive your own work within strategic direction. You are a curious person who loves to solve problems.


● Bachelor’s degree or requisite experience

● Demonstrated data analytics experience

● Demonstrated research experience

● Strong organizational skills

● Previous experience with schools and/or parents preferred

● Optimistic and efficient

● Excited to work within an entrepreneurial environment

● Passionate about making schools great

● Familiar with analytical tools such as SAS, SPSS

● SQL experience preferred

● Familiar with reporting and visualization tools

● Authorized to work in the United States

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