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Meet Our Team: Roquel Crutcher – Driven by Equity and Engagement

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Roquel's start in educational equity When Roquel was a student, she quickly realized the education system was broken. Born and raised in Memphis, she attended three different schools. She attended a ...

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Top 10 Educator Gifts This Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is full of great educator gifts this year! As a former teacher and school principal, I noticed that the yearly classroom item budget requests from teachers were very similar year afte ...

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8 Tips to Help Parents Be Homework Heroes

Schools and teachers play a crucial role in empowering and helping parents to support their students with homework and general academics.  If parents aren't equipped to help with homework, assigning ...

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Supporting Teachers Through the Season: Part 2

Part 1 of our blog on Supporting Teachers Through the Season ( provided some tips for school leaders to implement if you have overwhelmed teachers know th ...

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Principal Support This Season: 7 Ideas

Supporting teachers is important this time of year - but so is principal support.  I remember a line from Superman when I was a kid.  Superman has just caught Lois Lane from a falling building. S ...

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