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Rural Schools and Engaged Parents

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Seeing Rural Schools From a New Perspective I've often thought about engaged parents from the lens of my own experiences with family members who attended rural schools. Moving to New York recently ha ...


Why You Should Take A School Tour

In many of our districts and schools across the country, we are starting to enter a time period where parents will need to choose where their child goes to school - whether kindergarten or high school ...

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Meet Our Team – Michael Dyer

Michael is one of the newest members of the Possip team and has already started to play a vital role in helping Possip reach more schools throughout the country. We talked with him recently about his ...

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Principal’s Corner – Reflecting on Parent Engagement as a School Leader

  Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash In Amanda’s second year as a principal in Dallas, she knew she needed to make parent engagement a priority. She’d returned to the school district she ...

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Principal’s Corner: 8 Steps to Building an Effective Parent Organization

A recent 2018 survey from the Learning Policy Institute ( found that the fifth high ...

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