Make parents your school's greatest asset.

Possip helps schools get real-time parent feedback in an easy way.

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Feedback@3x Pulse Check Feedback

Possip lets parents easily share praise and feedback in multiple languages.

Feedback@3x Tracking Trends

Possip lets schools collect and analyze feedback trends systematically.

Feedback@3x Bringing Joy

Possip lets schools hear and share the positive gossip parents have.

How It Works
Automated Feedback Prompts

Parents answer weekly prompts in less than 1 minute. Are you happy with your child’s school this week? What praise do you have? What feedback?

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Weekly Reports

Schools receive an actionable report that takes less than 5 minutes to review.

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Trend Reports And Highlights

Members of the Possip community receive reports that help highlight trends within their schools, and information, learning and insights from across the national Possip community.

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Here's the Big Picture
What People Are Saying
Annie Poag Parent

“Possip gives me an outlet to share things. I appreciate the school’s willingness to listen.”

Susan Blankenship School Principal

“Using POSSIP each week gives me a pulse of the parent community. It also gives my parents a voice. I feel more connected to the parent community because of this.”

LaKendra Butler School Principal

“It has helped build more teacher-family relationships.”

Charlie Friedman School Principal

“It's become an easy vehicle for joy... and allowed us to give our teachers regular, authentic celebrations. It helps us keep small problems small.”

Check Out This Week's Praise!
North Carolina Parent Mrs. Walker has really helped my child this week. She spent extra time with my child.
Oregon Parent Thank you to Ms. Sweeny for doing such wonderful things for the kids in her class.
Tennessee Parent My daughter absolutely loves music class and is thrilled when she goes in Friday's! Thank you for getting her excited about music!