Possip Features
Feedback@3x Pulse Check Feedback

Possip lets parents easily share praise and feedback in multiple languages.

Feedback@3x Tracking Trends

Possip lets schools collect and analyze feedback trends systematically.

Feedback@3x Bringing Joy

Possip lets schools hear and share the positive gossip parents, teachers & students have.

How Possip Works
Automated Feedback Prompts

Users answer weekly prompts in less than 1 minute. Are you happy with the school this week? What praise do you have? What feedback?

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Weekly Reports

Schools receive an actionable report that takes less than 5 minutes to review.

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Trend Reports And Highlights

Members of the Possip community receive reports that help highlight trends within their schools, and information, learning and insights from across the national Possip community.

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Here's the Big Picture
What People Are Saying About Possip
Annie Poag Parent

“Possip gives me an outlet to share things. I appreciate the school’s willingness to listen.”

Jennifer O'Meara School Principal

“Thanks to Possip, we've been able to share praise with our staff that we may not have otherwise heard. We have also been able to be proactive in finding solutions to parent concerns before it's too late.”

LaKendra Butler School Principal

“It has helped build more teacher-family relationships.”

Charlie Friedman School Principal

“It's become an easy vehicle for joy... and allowed us to give our teachers regular, authentic celebrations. It helps us keep small problems small.”

Check Out Praise From the Past Month
Oregon Parent Gracias porque el viernes pasado tuvimos un paseo al zoológico y estuvo muy divertido, gracias!
New Hampshire Parent Track and field coaches, they dedicated a lot of time and energy to the athletes on the team. They are supportive, encouraging and help guide the kids into the athletes they become. 
Tennessee Parent This is the first time my son is attending summer school camp. He was reluctant to go at first. I am happy to see he now likes it and am pleased about the progress he is making.